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When Life Throws You Cancer: Dark Nights Will Bring Brighter Days

September 4, 2019

Three of our young adult cancer survivors discuss the importance of having hope through a cancer diagnosis.

Emotional Support

  • Nick Giallourakis

    The Cancer Transition from Age Group to Age Group

    I want to make this crystal clear – we will NEVER turn away anyone based on your age.  Those that have the unfortunate luck to be dealing with cancer deserves all the help you want and need – trust me I know from experience.

  • Angie Giallourakis

    The “A” in AYA: Where do Adolescents fit in the Hospital System?

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. September is also Adolescent Cancer Awareness Month. Sometimes language gets in the way of attempting to identify a particular age group. It is easier to use one word to describe a certain age group for the sake of efficiency.

  • Jeffrey Neurman

    No One Told Me This Would Happen

    I will admit that I am a very poorly informed cancer survivor/endurer/patient as I fully trust my doctor.  I never (usually) Google anything or ask too many questions beyond the casual ones such as, “Is this going to kill me?”


  • Jay Carter

    Just Keep Moving: The Benefits of Staying Active During Treatment

    At 26 years old, I was at the peak of my physical fitness. When not at work, you could find me lifting weights in the gym, or outdoors running trails. My social outings consisted of tennis matches and wake boarding sessions on the lake.

  • Angie Giallourakis

    Mom’s 6 Tips: Staying Well During Cancer Treatment

    We know that a cancer diagnoses is incredibly stressful and frightening. A person’s emotions are usually over the top – and yet, we know that in order to survive this horrible ordeal the patient needs physical and emotional nourishment while in treatment.

  • Marloe Esch

    Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy

    What we put in our bodies can have a major impact on how we feel throughout treatment, so it’s important to think of good nutrition as part of your treatment plan, and to make it a priority. 

Jen's Corner

  • Jennifer Anand

    5 Tips for College Scholarships

    Cancer is expensive. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out! Going to college during/after cancer is no easy feat, so to have to pay for it to is quite a challenge! During high school, I always counted on working before and through college to help pay for college.

  • Jennifer Anand

    Cancer Triggers

    I was sitting in church, intently listening to the sermon, when that familiar tickle hit my throat. You know the one. Somewhere on the side of your throat where normal swallowing won’t reach. Followed by an intense coughing fit, which for me will be followed by loud gagging sounds.

  • Jennifer Anand

    Turning 25

    Living with cancer. On Monday I’ll turn 25. It doesn’t seem possible that just 7 years ago I never would have dreamed of reaching this birthday.