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Teenage cancer survivor, author, blogger and speaker Mette de Fine Licht has written 10 books, including the memoir, Willpower Girl — A Teenager’s Trek Through Cancer. The book is a rare insight into a teenage cancer patient’s mind with all the fear, doubt and longing for a normal teenage life. Born in 1985, Mette de Fine Licht was diagnosed with a serious and rare type of bone cancer when she was just sixteen years old. After undergoing chemotherapy and extensive surgery, which included the placement of an internal prosthesis in her leg, she was cured. On the blog at she writes about life as a teenage cancer patient, about the challenges and victories every day of being a teenage cancer survivor and how willpower and friends is key — both during cancer treatment and in the life after cancer.

Lucky Me – Being a Teen Cancer Survivor and Its Effects Now

by Mette de Fine Licht October 2, 2019

Teenagers with cancer are put on the edge of their life at a very young age. The lucky ones get to live with the memories and late effects. It’s not fair to get cancer when your life has just begun. And it’s not fair, that if you are lucky enough to survive, you now have […]


How Writing Has Helped Me Live

by Mette de Fine Licht May 14, 2019

I clearly remember the first time I read a book. Not a children’s book but a real novel.  You know? My reading experience happened during what I call LBC or Life Before Cancer. I was 12 years old and it was a magical experience. The pages turned themselves.


The Difference A Nurse Can Make

by Mette de Fine Licht May 7, 2019

This nurse made me smile every day. She made my family smile as well and I promise you, at the time their wasn’t that much to smile about. It wasn’t like she was telling jokes but rather she just treated me like me – not like a patient.


When Life Gives You Scars

by Mette de Fine Licht April 19, 2019

In this blog teenage cancer survivor, author and speaker Mette de Fine Licht shares her thoughts about getting over cancer. The illness has left her with a big scar on her right leg. Not to mention the mental scars from long lonely days at the hospital.