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Nick is the President and co-founder of Elephants & Tea. He is the brother of a two time cancer survivor, Steven, who is his inspiration for starting the new media magazine. Nick will be providing his point of view as a brother of a cancer patient and survivor. You'll hear from him from time to time. When not working on the magazine he is out playing sports or kayaking with his wife. Let's be honest, he is probably with their french bulldog Aubrey who essentially owns Nick and his wife Camilla.

Download: September 2019 Issue

by Nick Giallourakis September 18, 2019

Our third installment of Elephants and Tea the magazine is here! Fill out the information below to download!  We focus on the “A” in “AYA” (adolescents), several caregivers give their perspectives and we have a serious talk about using birth control after cancer.  Check it out! By filling out the information below, this also gives […]


The Cancer Transition from Age Group to Age Group

by Nick Giallourakis September 5, 2019

I want to make this crystal clear – we will NEVER turn away anyone based on your age.  Those that have the unfortunate luck to be dealing with cancer deserves all the help you want and need – trust me I know from experience.


When Life Throws You Cancer: The Patient is Still a Person

by Nick Giallourakis August 19, 2019

Three of our young adult cancer survivors discuss what kind of support they needed from family and friends after their cancer diagnosis and during treatment.


Eight Days Cancer – A New TV Show

by Nick Giallourakis August 9, 2019

I had the privilege of catching up with TV producer Charles Mattocks this past week and talk about his new show airing January 4th, 2020 on FYI Networks called Eight Days Cancer. Why should the Elephants and Tea audience care about this new TV show? Those that read Elephants and Tea know all about the […]


When Life Throws You Cancer: Ask Questions

by Nick Giallourakis July 30, 2019

Hear from three of our young adult cancer survivors about what questions you should consider asking if you’re a teen who has just been diagnosed with cancer.


The Survivorship Issue

by Nick Giallourakis June 4, 2019

The June Issue is all about Survivorship! Download this issue to read several stories of how patients in remission and beyond are living their life with cancer and living after treatments.


Learning to Be a Brother and Not a Coach

by Nick Giallourakis March 29, 2019

Being a big brother and trying not to yell or coach up your little sibling is probably one of the hardest things to do.  Well at least if your Greek and have a brother who is smarter than you when it comes to all science and medicine topics. 


I Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

by Samantha Krizo November 28, 2018

There will never be a time that you are not going through the “journey” as CANCER has life long issues. Although as an Oncology patient there will always be fear that CANCER will come back, but you try to get through the rest of your life as best as you can.


Video: Cancer Dudes by M Powerment

by Dan Dean November 21, 2018

Being “macho” isn’t the way to go for guys anymore. Fighting cancer isn’t something to just brush off for men, it takes its toll not just physically but mentally as well. Check out this video by M Powerment.


A College Tale: Emerging from the Darkness

by Tess Blasko November 14, 2018

My name is Tess Blasko and I am 23 a year old cancer survivor. It was Osteosarcoma that slithered its way into my life.  Being diagnosed with cancer brings you into a world where you never want to be.