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I’m Olivia Clarke and I’m a cancer survivor. ​I almost knock on wood every time I say those words because I'm always afraid my cancer will visit my doorstep again. I experience moments where I feel like a rock star and moments where I wonder if every new ache or bump is a sign of cancer coming back. There have been moments during this entire cancer business when I couldn't help at laugh at the crazy questions I'm answering and how in-depth I get about my breasts (I had breast cancer). I have chuckled when some medical staff folks forget that I'm not their great aunt or their grandma with cancer. I am working and now dating. And, I'm trying to be a good aunt, sister, daughter and friend to those around me. Life keeps on going regardless of what disease I'm battling. Cancer story in a nutshell: In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy, a mastectomy, radiation and several reconstruction surgeries I have been cancer-free. When going through treatment, I learned the importance of finding little ways to experience joy and laughter. I also realized that being a cancer patient under age 40 brought unique perspective and challenges, but there weren't a lot of avenues for this group to bond and share stories. That's why this online community was created. ​ My back story: My day job is as a public relations senior specialist for a global law firm where I handle media relations and communications for the lawyers I work with and for. I worked as a reporter and editor for 13 years and the best part of that profession was learning and sharing people's stories. I learned nothing is black and white. We really operate in the gray and the best thing we can do is empathize with our neighbors. ​ After dealing with cancer I realized I had not left a positive enough impact on people's lives. I took my volunteering up to a new level and raised money and awareness through social media and communications for a school and food pantry on the South Side of Chicago. It fed my soul and I hopefully made a positive impact on this community. But I needed to create this site to give back and help bring all the different parts of me together -- the journalist, the communicator, the volunteer and the cancer survivor. I hope you enjoy Humor Beats Cancer.

Moments of Humor During Sadness

by Olivia Clarke August 19, 2019

I’m sitting in my oncologist’s waiting room because I pulled the short end of the stick and have a noon appointment. For you cancer pros reading this you know that you must have either the first or the last appointment of the day and even that last appointment is chancy.