Artwork and Poems

Unlikely Associations

by Angie Giallourakis November 12, 2019

This is dedicated to my new friends Muscle tee shirts Amish dressing gowns Head Scarves All styles here Stale Cigarettes Old perfume Mingling with OPI’s latest: Red & Yellow Chemo Glow Nordstrom Wall-Mart HandMade! Low rise jeans LL Beans’ Old worn out tees… Whatever fits works here Tennis Shoes Sandals Bare feet too Arabian Asian […]


How Writing Has Helped Me Live

by Mette de Fine Licht May 14, 2019

I clearly remember the first time I read a book. Not a children’s book but a real novel.  You know? My reading experience happened during what I call LBC or Life Before Cancer. I was 12 years old and it was a magical experience. The pages turned themselves.


Failed Magic Tricks

by Hannah Starkey March 7, 2019

I’m in line trying to buy my vegetables and pay the cashier but when she says it’ll be $62.48, I shut down. I remember I have cash and I fumble with it and I hand her the money and when she says I’m $12 short I fumble some more to count the money and I […]


Being a Kid Again: Making a Bird-feeder

by Samantha Krizo

I made the feeder as a present for my father who is an avid bird watcher, so we tied string to it and hung it on a tree. It made me feel like a school girl again to do craft projects and bring it home to my family.