You Made Me a Stronger Better Person

by Rebecca MyersNovember 27, 2019View more posts from Rebecca Myers

Dear Cancer,

You might think I’m mad. You did push your way into my life without warning. You did turn my life upside down at 28 years old. I wasn’t supposed to be going to chemo treatments and radiation treatments and undergoing a ridiculous amount of surgery…not at 28.

I was supposed to be hanging out with friends. Doing things I have never done before. Travel. Laugh and enjoy life. Filling my life with love and going to weddings and baby showers. Starting my own family. That was the plan.

I was ready for that next step, but you pushed your way in and told me forcefully NO! I promise you though, I am not mad. I am not mad because you taught me life lessons I needed before entering this next phase of life. You taught me to slow down.

Not everything is so important, and things can be put off to another day. You taught me to find peace. Every morning I do things for myself before anything else and it has really helped me to love life again. You helped me find myself. I spent a lot of time alone and when your alone you get to know yourself.

So, I changed, and I grew during this time and I became the young lady I knew I should have been and wanted to be. You also helped me feel love which I didn’t know I needed so bad at that time. I had a handful of people that dropped their lives for me, and I have never felt so loved ever in my life.

And as for starting my family. I am ready now. More ready than I was before. I have been loved and I know now how to pass that same love on to my special miracle baby one day. So, thank you cancer. In an odd way I needed you and you came at just the right time.

You made me a stronger better person because of it.