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JoAnna Barker is a 20- something who defeated cancer and wrote a book about it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and then you’ll find multiple references to books and movies that she some how related to cancer. Don’t be fooled, if you don’t have cancer you’ll still love this book. It’s a great read for people with cancer, people who love people with cancer, and people who just want to know how to relate. We hope you enjoy this reading journey. Trust us, it’s not what you’ll expect!

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This book is about cancer. It’s also about life. Two separate entities battling it out for our bodies and taking up residence in our world. You don’t have to have cancer to read this book and you certainly don’t have to know anyone who is currently fighting it. You simply have to be curious, keep an open mind, and be ready to have a bunch of my knowledge dropped on you.

This book has been specifically designed from the perspective of a 20-something who ended up in the cancer club at 24 years old. A couple of years later, this book is finally completed and hopefully getting into the hands of people who need it.

Aren’t you tired of reading boring cancer books that just make you depressed? I know I was! So I decided to write this book. I hope it will make you laugh until you cry and give you enough hope to get through another day.

You’re not alone and I’d love to share my adventures with you.

Happy reading!
-J.L. Barker


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