Take charge.

We are on a mission to empower patients with understandable, relevant, and evidence-based information. We believe we can create transparency between the medical field and patients, as well as develop insights to improve care and accelerate research.

We’re excited to announce that our app for breast cancer patients is now available for free.

When diagnosed with a life-altering condition, the available information can be overwhelming, unclear, and at times, inaccurate. Even as professionals of both healthcare and pharmaceutical backgrounds, we’ve experienced how hard it can be to understand and navigate the healthcare system. We know that treatments developed and approved under tightly-regulated clinical trial conditions may not reflect the real-world environment. A patient’s outcome can be influenced more by where we live than what the proper care regimen is. We believe that needs to change – and that starts with empowering patients with the information they need to know about their care.

Our founders’ roots are in three pillars of the healthcare system – medicine, pharmaceuticals and computer science. We’ve seen firsthand, professionally and personally, that the experience is both deeply personal and at times, dehumanizing. Our belief that the system can and must work better for patients, is what led us to create Outcomes4Me.

We’re harnessing our experience and expertise to create an intelligent solution that will use real treatment guidelines and state-of-the-art machine learning to empower patients with clarity about their best treatment options – based on their specific condition. By sharing experiences and interactions with our platform, patients can help us to continuously generate even deeper insights and better outcomes for themselves and others.


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