We are a mother daughter team also known as the caregiver and survivor duo.  Check out our website.

Our story begins with a breast cancer diagnosis back in 2010:

The Survivor – I’m Dana and I was diagnosed with Stage 1 ER+ breast cancer in 2010 at the age of 32.  Having no family history of breast cancer and being so young, navigating the cancer world was terrifying.  Finding amazing resources and meeting other survivors showered light on the journey, and I made it through treatment.  Being welcomed to the cancer survivorship world was a whole other story.  The struggle to find survivorship resources was almost more difficult than going through cancer treatment.  Four years after treatment, an idea was born – why not create an online resource that links all the wonderful survivorship resources out there and make it easier for others to find the after treatment support they are looking for.  From books, to websites, nutrition links, organizations, events and so much more, survivors can now find the details all in one place – The Dragonfly Angel Society.

The Caregiver – I’m Shelley and had to watch my daughter go through breast cancer treatment – not an easy task.  During this time I was there for Dana to help her physically heal and help provide emotional support during treatment.  But what about the needs of the caregiver(s)?  Unfortunately they are often the last ones thought about in the cancer journey.  Their survivorship needs are just as strong as the cancer survivor.  Where does the caregiver find support?  Along with survivorship support, there are a number of caregiver survivorship support websites, books, organizations and so much more.  The caregivers can find it all in one place –

The Dragonfly Angel Society.

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